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Anson Peter, F. (1971). Fishing boats and fisher folk on the east coast of Scotland; written and illustrated by Peter F. Anson. London, Dent.

Anson, P. F. (1932). Fishermen and fishing ways. London, Harrap.

Anson, P. F. (1974). Fishing boats and fisher folk on the East Coast of Scotland. London, Dent.

Anthony, C. and P. Hemphill (1971). Crash strike! the fun and thrills of big game fishing. Nairobi, East African Publishing House.

Antonio de Padova, S. (1784). The angler's museum: or, The whole art of float and fly fishing. The whole carefully collected from actual experience. London, printed for J. Fielding.

Antwerp (1787). Aen myne Eerweerde Heeren die Borgermeesteren ende Schepenen deézer stad Antwerpen, etc. [An address praying for support for the University of Louvain, and for the Dutch fishing industry.], [Antwerp].

Antwerp (1793). Algemeyn besluyt vande goede Mannen vanden Ambachte, representerende het derde Lid der Stadt Antwerpen in den Breeden Raede aen Myne Heeren van het Magistraet den 28 November overgelevert. [An address relating to the difficulties of the Antwerp fishing industry.], Antwerpen.

Apostle, R. A., G. Barrett, et al. (1992). Emptying their nets: small capital and rural industrialization in the Nova Scotia fishing industry. Toronto; London, University of Toronto Press.

Appleton, J. W. (1878). North Sea. Fishing Banks. Compiled and drawn by J.W. Appleton. London, C. Wilson.

Appleton, J. W. and S. Homewood and (1878). North Sea fishing banks. London, C. Wilson.

Applewhite, E. J. (1977). Cosmic fishing: an account of writing Synergetics with Buckminster Fuller. New York, Macmillan.

Arbery, L. (1993). The complete book of river fishing. Newton Abbott, David & Charles.

Arbery, L. and Y. Kavanagh (1993). Complete Book of River Fishing, David & C.

Archer, H. (1922). Fishing Chart. North West Grounds. Compiled by H. Archer. London, Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson.

Archipel, G. I. E., U. K. Nautilus Consultants, et al. (1997). Can electronic marketing systems offer any competitive benefits to peripheral fishing communities. Edinburgh, Nautilus Consultants.

Arday Fio, S. (1953). Ga wuoyaa. (Fishing in the Ga District.). Accra; Longmans, Green & Co.: London; printed in Great Britain, Scottish Mission Book Depot.

Areskine, C., J. Grant, et al. (1736). Information for the Lord Bracco, my Lord Elches, Sir James Grant of Grant, Ludovick Grant younger of Grant, and the other heritors of the salmon-fishing on Spey, against Cosmo-George Duke of Gordon, and others. [S.l., s.n.].

Argue, A. W., M. J. Williams, et al. (1987). Fishing performance of some natural and cultured baitfish used by pole-and-line vessels to fish tunas in the Central and Western Pacific Ocean. Noumea, New Caledonia, South Pacific Commission.

Argyll, t. I. L. L. S. and B. Trossachs Tourist (2001). Fishing in Argyll, the Isles, Loch Lomond, Stirling & the Trossachs: game fishing, coarse fishing, sea angling. Dunoon, Argyll, the Isles, Loch Lomond, Stirling & Trossachs Tourist Board.

Aris Ernest, A. (1947). Fishing: a comprehensive guide to freshwater angling. London, [s.n.].

Aris Ernest, A. (1948). Fishing. A comprehensive guide to freshwater angling. With illustrations by the author [and with a portrait], London.

Aris, E. A. (1957). Fishing, a comprehensive guide to freshwater angling. London, I Pitman.

Arms Dorothy, N. and J. Schaldach William (1938). Fishing Memories. Illustrations by William J. Schaldach. New York, Macmillan Co.

Armstrong, C. S. H. and J. Maccaskie Norman (1950). Fishing. My life's hobby. Edited and illustrated by C. S. Heaton-Armstrong. [With plates, including a portrait.]. London, Falcon Press.

Armstrong, C., D. Clark, et al. (1997). Just fishing? equity and efficiency in fisheries management regimes. Tromso, Universitetet i Tromso.

Armstrong, F. (1993). "F" is for fly-sighing: Beginner Goes Fly-fishing for Salmon, N. Wilson Publishing.

Armstrong, F. (1993). F is for fly-fishing. Glasgow, Neil Wilson.

Armstrong, F. (1999). Let's start fly-fishing: the rules of the game. Glasgow, Neil Wilson.

Arnason, R. (1995). The Icelandic fisheries: evolution and management of a fishing industry. Oxford, Fishing New Books.

Arnold, R. (1954). Come sea fishing with me, Muller.

Arnold, R. (1956). Making and repairing Fishing Tackle. [With illustrations.]. London, W. & G. Foyle.

Arnold, R. (1956). Making and repairing fishing tackle. London, W. & G. Foyle.

Arnold, R. (1967). Fishing. London, Pan Books.

Arnold, R. (1975). Your book of sea fishing. London, Faber.

Arnold, S. (1996). The art of wreck fishing. Seaford, Stuart Arnold.

Arnott, K. (1960). Titi goes fishing. Pictures by Ken Symonds. Longmans, London.

Arundo (1970). Practical fly-fishing: founded on nature, and tested by the experience of nearly forty years, in various parts of the United Kingdom; with instructions for imitating all the most useful flies; also remarks on fly-rods, the best woods for them, and the best way of making them, etc. etc. Barnstaple (Pilton St., Barnstaple, Devon), Porcupines.

Arundo, p. (1849). Practical Fly-Fishing: founded on nature, and tested by the experience of nearly forty years. With instructions for imitating all the most useful flies. Also remarks on fly-rods. By Arundo. London, Simpkin & Marshall.

Ashley-Dodd, G. L. (1929). A fisherman's log: fishing yarns and theories. London, Constable.

Ashurst, B. and P. Collins (1968). Match fishing with Benny Ashurst. [As told to] Peter Collins. [With plates, including portraits.]. London, Ernest Benn.

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