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Alexander, S. (1989). Fly fishing in 8 days. London, Osprey.

Alfred Duke of Saxe-Coburg and, G. (1883). Notes on the Sea Fisheries and Fishing Population of the United Kingdom, etc, London.

Alfred, D. (1872). A Literal Translation into English of the earliest known book on fowling and fishing [beginning: Dit boecxken leert hoe men mach voghelen vanghen metten handen], written originally in Flemish and printed at Antwerp in the year 1492.: [Translated by Alfred Denison. With illustrations]. London, Privately printed for A. Denison.

Alfred, D. o. E. and L. International Fisheries Exhibition (1883). Notes on the sea fisheries and fishing population of the United Kingdom. London, International Fisheries Exhibition.

Allen Edward, W. (1951). Dancing Tails and other Fishing Jingles. Illustrations by Dorman H. Smith. Seattle, Craftsman Press.

Allen, I. E. and A. A. Todd (1985). Filey: a Yorkshire fishing town: Filey fishing families over the last two centuries. Bury, Allen & Todd.

Allen, L. J., P. J. Jeffries, et al. (1984). Urban Fishing Symposium: proceedings. Bethesda (Md), American Fisheries Society, Fisheries Administrators Section, Fisheries Management Section.

Allerston, P. (1990). The Ring Net: ring net herring fishing on the west coast of Scotland; a documentary exhibition by Will Maclean, University of St Andrews.

Allerton, R. G. (1869). Brook Trout Fishing. An account of the trip of the Oquossoc Angling Association to Northern Maine, in June, 1869. New York, R. G. Allerton.

Allison Charlene, J., S.-E. Jacobs, et al. (1989). Winds of change: women in Northwest commercial fishing. Seattle, University of Washington Press.

Allison, I. E. (1972). Fishing in Britain. London, Ginn.

All-Japan Association for the Development and Promotion of Coastal, I. (1994). Coastal fishery projects: construction, maintenance and development. New Delhi, Oxonian Press.

Almy, G. (1978). Tying & fishing terrestrials. Harrisburg, Pa., Stackpole Books.

Al-Oufi Hamed, S. (1999). Social and economic factors influencing the emergence of collective action in a traditional fishery of Oman: an empirical assessment of three coastal fishing towns in south Al-Batinah, University of Hull.

Al-Qutami Sager Abdul-Wahab, A. (1981). Sea guide for fishing and picnic fans. Kuwait, S.A.W.A. Al-Qutami.

Alward George, L. (1932). The Sea Fisheries of Great Britain and Ireland. A record of the development of the fishing industry and its world-wide ramifications. Notes from the author's diary, 1854-1928, with charts, photographs and illustrations. Grimsby, Albert Gait.

Alward, G. L., E. J. Allen, et al. (1932). The sea fisheries of Great Britain and Ireland: a record of the development of the fishing industry and its world-wide ramifications. Grimsby, A. Gait.

Andersen, J. L. and L. o. F. Denmark. Ministeriet for Fødevarer (1999). A review of the basic biological and economic approaches to fishing effort. Kobenhavn, Statens Jordbrugs-og Fiskeriokonomiske Institut.

Andersen, R., C. Wadel, et al. (1972). North Atlantic fishermen: anthropological essays on modern fishing. [St. Johns], Institute of Social and Economic Research, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Anderson Arthur, H. (1913). Liskeard & Looe, Cornwall, with their surroundings. With a chapter upon sea-fishing at Looe by J. H. Emblin. Illustrated from photographs. [With a map.]. London, Homeland Association.

Anderson, A., Ed. (1986). Traditional fishing in the Pacific: ethnographical and archaeological papers from the 15th Pacific Science Congress. Honolulu, Department of Anthropology, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum.

Anderson, E. N. and L. Anderson Marja (1977). Fishing in troubled waters: research on the Chinese fishing industry in West Malaysia. [Taipei?], Chinese Association for Folklore.

Andreev, N. N. (1966). Handbook of fishing gear and its rigging. Jerusalem, Israel Program for Scientific Translations.

Andrews, G. H. and C. London County (1890). Notes having reference to fishing grounds, fishermen, fishing vessels, fishing gear, fish transit, markets, fish salesmen, fishmongers, and fish consumers: with a proposals for a new central market, London.

Anell, B. (1955). Contribution to the history of fishing in the southern seas. [Uppsala], n.p.

Anell, B. and D. Burton (1955). Contribution to the History of Fishing in the Southern Seas. [Translated by Donald Burton. With maps.], Uppsala.

Angerman, H. (1971). The fishing industry in Norway, Oslo.

Angler (1891). The Complete Angler. A practical guide to. fishing, etc. [Illustrated.]. New York, Street & Smith.

Anglers (1938). The Anglers' Friend. Fishing guide to Merioneth including the outskirts of Montgomery & Caernarvonshire, etc. [With a map.]. Barmouth, G. V. Price.

Anglesey (1968). Llyn Alaw. Trout fishing facilities and regulations. Gloucester, British Publishing Co.

Anglian Water, A. (1997). Anglian Water leisure update: where to go: recreation, watersports, wildlife and fishing. Spalding, Anglian Water Services.

Anglian Water, A. (1997). Leisure update: where to go: recreation, watersports, wildlife and fishing. Spalding, Anglian Water.

Angola and C. European Economic (1989). Agreement in the form of an exchange of letters concerning the provisional application of the agreement between the European Economic Community and the government of the People's Republic of Angola on fishing off Angola for the period beginning on 3 May 1987 with text of the agreement and protocol establishing the fishing rights and financial contribution provided for in the agreement, Brussels, 25 September 1987, H.M.S.O.

Angreid, A. W. D. (1960). Fly-fishing for beginners: [illus.]. London, W. Foulsham.

Angreid, L. (1937). An Introduction to Fly-Fishing, London.

Angreid, L. (1960). [An Introduction to Fly-Fishing.] Fly-Fishing for Beginners. Illustrated with line drawings and 4. plates. London, W. Foulsham & Co.

Annesley, P. (1971). Hardy's book of fishing. Compiled by Patrick Annesley. London, Heinemann.

Annesley, P. (1971). Hardy's book of fishing. London, Heinemann.

Anson Peter, F. (1930). Fishing Boats and Fishing Folk on the East Coast of Scotland. Written and illustrated by P. F. Anson. London, J. M. Dent & Sons.

Anson Peter, F. (1932). Fishermen and Fishing Ways. With. drawings by the author. London, G. G. Harrap & Co.

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